Adult just a chat

It's filled with a ton of media — mostly video — broken out into three categories: 1) Discover (from media companies), 2) Live (curated by Snapchat) and 3) Recent Updates (mostly from your friends, but also from brands should you choose to add them).

You'll find Stories by swiping left on Snapchat's camera screen, the first screen to appear when you open the app.

Here's a video of a recent live story from Kuwait City: Snapchat is working with a handful of media companies on a relatively new program called Discover (Disclosure: Buzz Feed is a partner). Though I'd installed the app on my phone, I had no idea how to use it, and little interest in doing so.I found Snapchat's layout confounding; it didn't seem useful at all. After a bunch of experimentation, I finally figured Snapchat out, and I can tell you there's a lot more to it than disappearing selfies.For you, Snapchat is almost guaranteed to be an app you'll use to watch video, and perhaps even publish some of your own.That's why I'm showing you this tab first: Stories is Snapchat's killer tab.

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