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While babies begin to get ready to drop a nap, they tend to take a “short nap” in place of the nap that used to be longer.As long as the other naps are longer than an hour, it will be okay if your baby takes one short nap each day.So the issue is no one really benefits from babies taking short naps.Let’s take a look at what is normal for nap patterns and how to make babies to nap longer. A short nap is when they sleep less than an hour and long naps are when they sleep over an hour.They may also sleep for shorter periods when they are sick or cutting teeth.

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If you try to put your baby down for a nap when they are too awake, that may result in a short nap.

This is most common in newborn babies that need to eat more often and sleep for short periods of time around the clock.

A sign that your baby is growing and developing is that they start to take fewer naps, but sleep for longer periods of time.

Shorter naps for babies are usually between 10 and 45 minutes long.

Some baby’s just naturally take “cat naps” while your feeding them a bottle or driving in the car.

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