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Men in particular are proud of Canadian beer and hockey, although women are increasingly a part of this sub-culture.

Virtually all Canadians are eager to distinguish themselves from Americans.

Take time to learn the appropriate and acceptable limits of humour to avoid the risk of offending someone.

However, it is important to note that humour is region and city specific in some cases.

Canadians are known for travelling and thus are curious about world geography and other lands.

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Similarly, Quebec has a different threshold for humour and limits on the topics used.This relation is expressed often to mark the differences between provinces and also to assert their difference between themselves and their Americans cousins.Humour should be approached with caution in Canada, as in other places, because the sense of political correctness is very strong in many social circles.Topics to be avoided on first contact are money, salary, religion, and politics, especially the separatist movement.Newcomers to Canada can use the interlocutor’s cues for approaching topics or subjects during a first rendezvous.

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