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Hero can conceivably help turn 2 billion smartphone users into mini businesses, improving their lives with the extra income they can generate by connecting with people that want to hire them.

I’ve alway been drawn to working for myself, I’ve also been an avid traveler.

As summer becomes fall and the weather gets cool, people link up and hibernate the winter together.

As a founder of a technology company and a bit of a data geek, I love my digital life and I believe it’s completely emerged in my real life.

Does the time savings have positive effects, maybe?

People are quick to move on when an issue arises without fear, resulting in an endless string of semi-surface connections and relationships.

Whether it be for an intimate, social, or professional purposes.

Hero connects people to jobs and guarantees that I get paid, on time.

It’s in my nature to embrace criticism, in fact, I love when people tell me I’m doing something wrong.

I enjoy peoples’ perspective even when it differs from mine.

Completely allowing someone to detach and build a life and living off their skillset. I helped a friend launch an app a few years ago and loved the creativity of it.

I loved how you can build something that billions of people can use and how that product can change peoples lives.

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