Creait camera face to face sexy

Picture this: Your friend whips out a smartphone and yells, “Smile!” You freeze like a deer caught in headlights, plaster a fake smile on your face and strike a pose, pulling out all your old faves from your bag of tricks.

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Alien face effect: If you have seen an alien, you’ll know this next effect. They are all the same for i Phones and Android phones. These face effects can be used to show your reactions to something or just for fun. Once you have settled on a lens, you can add filters to your snaps by swiping towards on your screen.

As the name suggests, this much-requested feature brings Content-Aware technology to the Crop tool.

Basically: it lets you crop outside the lines by intelligently filling in any empty space you create.

Keep the lens above your head to catch all of your best angles and elongate your swan-like neck. Maybe you’ve got one eye that’s a smidge bigger than the other, or a lopsided smile — there’s an easy fix for that. Luckily, there’s a pose that can help create that hourglass figure without plastic surgery or a thousand squats a day.

Just turn your head a bit when you snap a pic, making sure to angle your chin down and focus your eyes ahead. There’s nothing worse than trying to strike a casual pose in a photo but instead coming off unnatural and awkward. Turn your good side toward the camera, putting one foot in front of the other while bending your front knee. If the powers that be forgot to give you the hips you crave and the waist you desire, then just fake ’em by posing in an exaggerated S-shape.

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