Dating 101 decode his body language

Larger eyes, bigger nostrils; all better to see and smell with, my dear.

Looking Good We’re not talking about dressing up in your Sunday best.

One major body language move that tells when a person is interested is when they’re fixing themselves up—known as preening behaviors.

Men will fix their collars, sit or stand up taller, puff out their chests.

“When we first meet someone we like, we tend to see things even at a distance,” says Navarro.

Truthfully, it's often impossible to determine what your guy is feeling or thinking, and most guys squirm in agony when faced with the prospect of discussing their feelings.

By keeping movements restricted and limiting touching the other person, or even fiddling with objects, the body is telling you that there’s a lack of interest.

“When we touch someone, it releases the chemical oxytocin, a bonding chemical,” says Navarro.

“The more touching that we do when it’s appropriate, the closer we grow together.” If your is date leaning away from you, feet toward the door, and he’s keeping his hands to himself, you may want to rethink your choice of partners in that little dance called dating.

One fine day while minding you own business, you find yourself spotting a guy whom you are attracted to.

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