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First we would love to see 800 likes this month so spread our message and remember, "Restoring pieces of childhood to the ones left behind, one summer at a time"Just realised that I have had to someone to assist me with my "hobbies". Sometimes I wish I could have a hobby that just stays a hobby... Williamsburg Christian Church, I am humbled beyond words to say that over this past year I am grateful to have seen more of Jesus in us. My most popular video was "The Ten Worst Songs of 2010" with 61,000 views.No doubt we are very far from where He wants us to be. - In 2012, in the month of December alone, I averaged 1000 subscribers a day, and my 5th most popular video, "Gangnam Style - A Dose of Buckley" had 74,000 views. Every day in December, I pretty much gained the same amount of subscribers that it took me 730 days on You Tube to gain when I started out.We still have our deep imperfections and rebellious, consumeristic ways that together, we are learning to lay down before His throne of grace (God knows this is true of my journey). I went from 1100 subscribers to over 116,000 in the last year.But the way you love the broken, hurting and marginalized, the way you have expressed it not only this weekend but in many before, makes the life of Christ and presence of His Kingdom tangible for all to taste and see. A lot of that had to do with the somewhat viral success of "The Ten Worst Songs of 2011", but it's clear people have come because of that and stayed for the rest.Full message is published at thecomfortzone dot se/articles GOD NEVER ABANDONED HIS DREAM FOR YOU. His loves want into action the day Adam and Eve sinned.He found a just and legal way to restor humankind back to an intimate relationship with Him.The love of God manifest through you runs deep into the hearts of the hurting. This year also saw me getting paid for my work for the first time, somewhat indirectly, as I became the PA Announcer for a local baseball team after they saw my video about them ... Paul Foresta (my cousin Danny’s son-in-law) fought stage four throat cancer and Christopher has been fighting paralysis. I will continue to pray for a cure for chronic spinal cord injury and restoring the most incredible man I have ever known, Chris Boshar. We are so grateful to have all of you in our lives. Your prayer and energy will have a profound impact – this I know.Your love has certainly touched me and my family and made us want to follow Jesus more closely. To All: As I reflect on 2012, I will symbolically KICK the year out at Midnight. We wish you and yours peace, love and good health in 2013.

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"And I sent messengers unto them, saying, I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down: why should the work cease, whilst I leave it, and come down to you? To add insult to injury, days after the disastrous date, Jessica received an apologetic text message reiterated that the problem the wasn’t her, but her credit score.After lifetimes of Soul fragmentation from the immersion within duality it feels exhilarating to move toward the next transition and a new adventure here. We are committed to Jewish life in Yeshua and we are a community inclusive of intermarried families and non-Jewish families who share our vision.We believe Yeshua is the greatest Torah teacher of all time.Also, California schools do not allow terms such as mom and dad, husband and wife; (5) Local pastor enamored with pentagram, has a five-pointed star tiled into floor of church; (6) Satanic father carves pentagram into his 6-year old son's back; (7) Newsweek magazine asks "Who was Jesus?;" (8) Houston pastor, Chris Seay, wants his members to get tattoos for Lent; (9) U. Air Force wants all references to God, the Bible, and church removed; (10) ELCA church in Duluth, Minnesota refuses to all ...validation of the workshop material! "There is a formula that goes like this: "Peace of Mind" comes when persons or a society are "centered." Centered-ness comes from certainty.

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