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We do not however believe that the historical-critical method in its dependence upon secular ideology is appropriate in the study of Holy Scripture.It has rather showed itself to severely damage the faith of many Christians.We reject the order of ordination of women to the ministry of pastors and bishops.

Du kan lese mer om prosjektet, stiftelsen av akademiet og bakgrunnen for det her: NELA: Til vern om den lutherske arven The members of the board of NELA commit themselves to following statements of foundations: Our mission is, on the foundation of The Holy Scripture and in faithfulness to the Evangelical-Lutheran confession (The Book of Concord), to pursue dynamic theological research and education, that rediscovers treasures in the theological heritage of our Churches and confronts the biblical truths with today's questions.

We believe according to the Lutheran confession that the Word of God in the prophetic and apostolic Scriptures is the only and the absolute authority for Christ's Church on earth.

We believe that the words of the apostles and the prophets at the same time also are the words of God himself, given them by the Holy Spirit.

To state that the Holy Scripture is unclear, is equivalent to making the Church dependent upon other authorities than Gods own speaking in His word, and hence our salvation and blessedness becomes dependent on men instead of on God.

We reject the thought that the Scripture contains such amount of unclarities and selfcontradictions that it would be impossible with certainty to distinguish between right and wrong, truth or lie.

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