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The Newport Ship is a fifteenth-century sailing vessel discovered by archaeologists in June 2002 in the city of Newport, South East Wales.

It was found on the west bank of the River Usk, which runs through the city centre, during the building of the Riverfront Arts Centre; from which process it sustained some damage. The ship was originally around 116 feet (35 metres) long, making it quite capable of continental voyages.

Hair from horse, cow, sheep and goat has all been identified in the Newport ship.

The frames (ribs) of the ship were then fitted inside the hull and secured to the planks.

The vessel was clinker built with each plank overlapping the one below, the lower plank always being on the inside of the one above.

The planks of the outer hull were positioned first and, on the Newport Ship, are secured to each other with iron nails driven through the overlap from the outside and then fitted with iron rove plates.

Initial dendrochronology on certain specimen timbers produced a date of 1465 – 1466, but further research has revealed that the timbers originate from the Basque Country of northern Spain dating from 1449.

The discovery in the spring of 2006 of a French "petit blanc" (small white) silver coin inserted into a cut out in the stempost/keel join was a major step forward.

Initial estimates suggested that preservation would cost about £3.5 million and this sum was eventually found by the Welsh Assembly Government and Newport City Council.The starboard (right) side, which collapsed onto the river mud long ago, together with the ship's frames, has been preserved to almost its full height, although some planking has been distorted by the collapse.The ship's dimensions have now been estimated at around 116 feet (35 metres) in length and around 27 feet (8.2 metres) in width.These appear to be either individual shipwrights' marks or instructions for the positioning of planks or fastenings.The conservation team is hoping that a pattern will emerge as the recording process continues.

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