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Here he washed sand and gravel in a borrowed tin dish and of the six dishes he washed, all but one yielded a grain of gold.Hargraves' efforts to publicise his find started the first goldrushes and others followed in Victoria, particularly at Ballarat and Bendigo.Once the KML file is loaded, you can use the sliding time scale which should appear at the top of the viewing window to move through time.

The only major finds of the first half of the century were lead, zinc and copper deposits at Mt Isa but their full potential was not realised until the 1950s.Other traces of gold were found in the following decades in New South Wales and in Victoria.Edward Hammond Hargraves had returned to Australia from the Californian goldrushes and guided by a publican's son, John Hardman Australia Lister, he had ridden to Lewis Ponds Creek, near Bathurst.View an interactive history of Australia's minerals industry.This download shows Australia's mineral development over time, highlighting which deposit was discovered when and includes the ability to do this for a particular commodity group.

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