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The first manner, which can be called “symmetrical”, is characterised by a first section whose opening theme is in the tonic and whose second theme in the dominant, or parallel major key for the minor-key sonatas; in the second section, conversely, the first theme is in the dominant and the second is in the tonic.This formal scheme would associate Scarlatti’s sonatas with the dance movements of the Baroque suite, except that with Scarlatti the bithematic character is much stronger than with his contemporaries, including Bach.Your emailaddress will only be used by Challenge Records International and will not be given to 3rd party advertisers. Domenico Scarlatti’s Keyboard Sonatas For several reasons, Scarlatti’s harpsichord works represent a phenomenon in the history of European instrumental music.While few composers devoted the most significant part of their output to one single instrument, it is even more unusual to find among them composers who specialised in a single musical form.Some scholars contend that the pieces were copied at roughly the time they were composed.If this assumption is correct, then we would have to regard Scarlatti as a composer whose talent bloomed at the late age of 67 and then, in a fit of creative furore, underwent an extraordinary musical evolution in the course of only five years.

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Each of the performers on the recording are leading interpreters on their instrument.Clearly, then, the musical world of Scarlatti’s sonatas possesses neither structural variety nor literary suggestion: the composer is thus faced with the challenge of breathing new life into the same formal framework.It is also up to performers to identify themselves time and again with the ever- different expressive world of each sonata.In these suites the French composer used several dance forms, giving each piece a title with a descriptive or evocative purpose, or sometimes a dedication whose meaning is partly hidden.In this way Couperin creates a veritable gallery of characters, places and events displaying a vast range of expressive resources.

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