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Initially, I thought it is a problem with my Internet Service Provider (ISP). The officer came to my home to see the issue and he told all our settings is fine, and we don’t have any problem with our end.

He first thought there might be a problem with my modem itself (don’t get confuse modem with Router). : To change DNS Servers IP address on TP-Link router configuration, visit or while connecting to Wi Fi network.

My script script will not work on any DNS server, you need to run Windows 2008 or later DNS, running against Windows 2003 DNS servers will yield strange/wrong results. String]$Resource Record File = "C:\Temp\somefile.txt", [Parameter(Mandatory=$false)][System. String]$dnsserver = "DNS.constoso.com" ) import-module DNSServer Write-Warning "This script updates DNS resource records in DNS based on information in a CSV file.And we changed that modem, but still, the problem persists. The default username and password will be admin so enter when it asked.So he guessed there might be an issue with my router itself. Now navigate to DHCP DHCP Settings Here you will see Primary DNS and Secondary DNS.So we guessed the problem is with my TP-Link router. Even though I fixed this problem for a particular model like TL-WR740N router, I guess the process will work almost any company router or model. If you have any doubts then leave comment, I will replay.I have been trying to fix this issue for almost 2 days. If this fix fixed your problem then don’t forget to say thanks on comment.

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