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We offer cohesive services of framing, packing and shipment.Our highest priority and commitment is always satisfied customer.The logo is the flag of the EU, its stars replaced with hearts.The service was created by M14 Industries, a Manchester-based startup that builds custom dating apps for its clients.Better Together is slightly tongue-in-cheek, too, but Kershaw said it’s a way to support the Remain cause, though it’s probably too late.The morning after the referendum, Kershaw and his team of about six had woken up feeling “miserable.”“We’ve got Europe in our DNA; half my family are French, we’ve got staff here on an EU visa, and some of us are the children of immigrants,” Kershaw told me over email.“Every now and again I have a moment of realisation where it sinks in a bit more.”Better Together users have already begun matching and chatting, Kershaw said.

And who wants to be with someone who’s just going to after 43 years, sinking your currency, roiling the markets, and promising two years of anguish and potential bickering?

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In sechs Arbeitsgruppen wird der Blick auf (inter-)nationale Methoden der Validierung ermöglicht, werden praktische Verfahren zur Validierung informell erworbener Kompetenzen vorgestellt, werden Einblicke in die Berufliche Bildung und die Bildungsberatung gegeben.

In einem „Markt der Möglichkeiten“ können zudem Instrumente des informellen Lernens erprobt werden.

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