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Tony Blair stands with Hebron Governor Hussein al-Araj (second from the left) and senior Palestinian Muslim cleric Sheikh Taysir al-Tamimi (on the right) during his visit to the West bank in 2009.

As Middle East envoy he tried to help solve the Israel Palestine conflict'He did no commercial work connected with the Israeli/Palestinian issue.

In a separate email, sent in 2010, Jason Searancke, the financial controller of Tony Blair Associates, the umbrella organisation for Mr Blair's commercial work, emailed UAE officials seeking money for Mr Blair's 'activities as the Quartet representative'.

The Daily Telegraph said it saw details of a separate million (£1.2 million) payment to Windrush from Sheikh Abdullah's office in 2011.

Hot on the heels of the travel ban, Trump called Saudi King Salman and UAE strongman Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, Abu Dhabi's crown prince.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has reportedly lashed out at the ban describing Trump and his administration as newcomers who don't understand politics, saying, 'A man had been living in another world and now has entered the world of politics.'Rouhani also said that Trump would end up harming not only his own nation but other countries as well and called the American administration dishonest for claiming to be on the side of the Iranian people, but then banning them.

And in 2009, Rebecca Guthrie, a Foreign Office official seconded to Mr Blair's envoy office, sent bank details for Windrush Ventures, the company which channelled money for his commercial advisory work, to a UAE official.

This was days after formal Middle East talks he held with Sheikh Abdullah at the United Nations in New York.

But the kingdom, cradle of the austere Sunni doctrine of Wahhabism, has traditionally been a strategic ally of Washington.

Tony Blair was paid millions of pounds by an Arab state while working as Middle East envoy, emails have revealed.

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