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He said I should learn to embrace it, enjoy it." But he didn't, not quite.Like The Commitments before it, Once went on to have a second life as a wildly successful stage musical, with productions all over the world. True, I didn't like the idea of it becoming a musical – I feared overexposure would kill it – but I suppose it helps me stand up and be in the world.In 2012, it won eight Tony awards on Broadway, casting a shadow that fell squarely on his shoulders. And if I am remembered for that one song, well, there are worse fates…" Still, he stopped playing "Falling Slowly" altogether at concerts – not entirely sick of it, but in no hurry to revisit it. But then Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder invited him on tour, and insisted they sing it together nightly.

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It's all very abstract compared with nuts and bolts.

People told me later that he might have been aiming for me." Vedder read about the incident, which reminded him of a similar accident that had affected him.

In 2000, during a Pearl Jam performance at the Roskilde music festival near Copenhagen in Denmark, eight fans were crushed to death in the crowd (a ninth died later in hospital).

Confident he knew what Hansard was going through, he called him.

"He just wanted to know if I was OK, which was incredibly kind of him. He continues to live the only life he has ever known – the touring life – but increasingly craves the comfort of his home in Kildare, to watch the seasons arrive, and to tinker with his car.

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