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Contrary to popular belief, it has been found that very few people from Hampshire use a West Country dialect or accent.

Due to urbanization, the numbers have steadily decreased and it can be argued that Hampshire is a borderline county moving East, linguistically.

The east Herts accent traditionally spoken is akin to a native central/north Essex rural accent.

The largest towns in particular have the diverse sociolect variants of Received Pronunciation and Estuary English as seen in London, with smaller settlements tending towards the traditional dialects or variants of RP.

The once trendy rah concepts faded into fashion oblivion during the Cool Britannia decade but in the late 2000s staged a comeback with slightly different, edgier, rougher forms continuing to develop: Cockney is an accent traditionally from the working classes of the areas immediately surrounding the City of London (most famously including the East End).The traditional origin story is that the Dockyards attracted an influx of East Londoners at the turn of the 20th century and the accent is based in "Dockyard slang".Though structurally it is based around an East London model, it has retained a lot of traditional Hampshire features.English in southern England (also, rarely, Southern English English, or in the UK, simply, Southern English) is the collective set of different dialects and accents of the English spoken in southern England.South East England and the Home Counties (the counties bordering London) tend to reflect the interface between the London region and other regional accents.

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