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Since the advent of pipe stem-bore diameter and mean ceramic date formulas in the 1960s and 1970s, formula dating has been a widely accepted technique for the accurate estimation of median occupation dates of historical sites.The methods are based on fundamental concepts of archaeological analysis: horizon, tradition, and testing by repeated application.60s and 70s New Archaeology- Lewis Binford- should try to answer why and interpret things by using the scientific method; explaining culture change; processual archaeology- answer grander questions, process of culture; post-processual- critiques of processual Historic archaeology- deal with archaeology of the recent past, deals with shorter periods of time, can study known people, can study peoples whose general histories are known but whose daily lives are not well documented.places where people lived in the past; best place to study households (Household archaeology): found everywhere; smallest and most common social component of substance and most abundant; can directly observe adaptation to surrounding environment.So not only do we have a typology based on the type of ceramic, but we also have typologies with determined dates of manufacture for each of the different shapes and forms of decoration.Researchers comb through archives for manufacturing records which also aid in dating these historic period ceramics.These principles allow extension of the methods to prehistoric cases in some circumstances.The formulas, however, produce single numbers that may be misleading in their apparent precision.

Once we have identified the piece as creamware we can then look at known production or manufacture dates from the typology and determine a date between 17 (Deetz 1996).We are in the final stages of processing the 2015 Fort Hunter collection and have begun to inventory the artifacts.As described in our Processing the Fort Hunter Collection blog the inventory process includes, “adding a description of each artifact or group of like artifacts into the digital inventory by catalog number, and bag and box them carefully to insure their preservation for long-term curation.Many of these characteristics are easy to identify just by looking at the artifact, but determining the date or date range of production is not always easy.Over the years archaeologists have identified different methods on how to date different types of artifacts.

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