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Besides, the last thing Ginny knew, he'd been living with Draco Malfoy.

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He had his hands behind his back, and she experienced an overpowering sense of dread even before he took them out and revealed a dozen rather wilted roses."Congratulations on winning the game!Ginny wrote her name, sealed the letter, and summoned her well-trained owl, Helga, with a snap of her fingers.Then she went to take a shower, grimacing as she ran her fingers through her thick red hair.There you are."Ginny couldn't help it; she spun around and shrieked, clutching her robes to her breasts to cover them. You don't want me, and you certainly don't want a woman. I could help you with your Seeker skills, and that way, you would get better at Quidditch, and make more money, and then maybe you would want to marry me.""How did you—no." Ginny wasn't really interested in how he had got the idea that she would want to marry him if she was wealthy. I know that Malfoy's jealous, and he's probably going to blame me for encouraging you if he learns that you came to me.""We broke up," Harry said in a small voice, and brushed his toe back and forth over the floor, staring down. Ginny whirled to the side and bent down from her broom, one hand extended.Harry stood behind her, and he watched her with a gleam in his eyes that was, frankly, disturbing. And I know that you're pretty." He looked up at her through his eyelashes. This was something else no one seemed to know about Harry: he was a good manipulator, and he knew it. You knew that he wouldn't be easy to live with when you chose him.""I didn't choose him," Harry said. He chased me until I gave in."Ginny smiled in spite of herself. You just want some fantasy of happiness where no one ever argues.""Yes? She would have wanted to be kinder, but she was tired, sweaty, and confronting someone who didn't appear to understand what a refusal meant. She could feel the Falcons' Seeker coming up behind her, driving his broom frantically, but the wind and the luck and the skill were with Ginny today.

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