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On one section of the blackboard I write: “The best class I’ve ever had” and underneath it “What the teacher did” and below that “What the students did.” On another section I write “The worst class I’ve ever had” (well, actually I write, “The class from hell”) and then the same two items beneath.

” Or, asked positively, “What are the five things faculty do that make it easy to learn?

First Day Graffiti – This is an adaptation of an activity proposed by Barbara Goza in the in 1993.

Flip charts with markers beneath are placed around the classroom. Here are a few examples: “I learn best in classes where the teacher ___” “Students in courses help me learn when they ___” “I am most likely to participate in classes when ___” “Here’s something that makes it hard to learn in a course: ___” “Here’s something that makes it easy to learn in a course: ___” Students are invited to walk around the room and write responses, chatting with each other and the teacher as they do.

Irritating Behaviors: Theirs and Ours – This activity grows out of research done by Drew Appleby in 1990 ().

His findings are a bit dated now, but the idea is not.

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