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If you were among the early fans of You Tube in 2006, you certainly knew who Lonely Girl15 was — that 16-year-old girl named Bree who made "video blogs" in her bedroom about daily life with her super-strict parents.

Soon, the videos got dark: it was revealed that Bree's blood type made her the target of a secretive cult called The Order.

There's a Snapchat channel that recently came out for one of the characters (handle: The DBeast), and there's also a Facebook page and a website that people can interact with.

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Not a movie for everybody, it is all about preferences ( I'm not trying to intimidate or discriminate anyone) and Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl has more intrigue that horror... Do not expect typical scare-jump or monsters hiding beneath the bed, this film will leave a mark on you and keep you thinking about the end with as bitter taste in your mouth A fairly 7 and enjoy!JLR: More of an actress, because I auditioned for it, I had a script, I got told where to go and when to get there. LA is such a big city, and you have to travel everywhere.I was definitely acting, but I guess it was a different type of acting than anyone had really done before. There's vlogging in most TV and film and stuff, but back then, it was like, huh, this 17: Do you still watch other vloggers? I know him and we did a show together back in the day. Your friend might be five minutes away, but it's actually 25-35 minutes away by the time you sit in traffic. You know, but next week, I'll be going to the gym three times a day.17: Do you ever get recognized out and about as Lonely Girl? It's more in the past, like, "I think we've met before." I think it's because of the type of character it is.I just love his style and all of his opinions and stuff. I definitely watch a lot of singers on You Tube, but I'm not really heavily involved. So when I had an audition, it always seemed like such an inconvenience to have a friend help you read your lines or practice with you, so we came up with We Rehearse, where you can go online and basically Face Time with another actor from anywhere in the world and have them help you with their lines. JLR: Yeah, probably in America more so than here in Australia for Lonely Girl. People would be like, "No, I think we've definitely met before." And then eventually they'd be like, "Oh, no, right, sorry, we haven't met before."17: Did that sort of encounter ever happen after you started filming Lonely Girl but before you were found out?17: What have you been up to for the past eight years? It's particularly good if say, you're American and you need an English accent or an Australian accent, you can search for someone that actually, legitimately has that accent and can help you out. JLR: No one ever actually came up to me or anything when it was still secretive, but there was someone that saw me at a bookstore in Santa Monica — and I was really there — and then commented on a video and said, "I could've sworn I saw you at Santa Monica Barnes & Noble, but I knew it couldn't possibly be you because you live somewhere not in the city." And I was like, oh!

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