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This is because the focus on the negative and avoidance of the positive creates a power dynamic that legitimizes mainstream American hegemonic masculinity as the correct masculinity and subjugates machismo as a degenerated "non-white" form of abuse against women and backwardness.

As a result, it creates a sense of powerlessness within Latino males in their expression of their masculinity.

has a long history in both Spain and Portugal as well as in Spanish and Portuguese languages.

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The meaning of caballero is "gentleman" (derived from the one who follows a code of honour like knights used to do, or shares certain values and ideals associated with them that included, among others like a particular pride in honour, treating women kindly with especial delicacy and attention).Academics have noted that there are consequences of only having a negative definition for Hispanic and Latino masculinity in popular literature.Researchers have suggested that, according to the Eurocentric (and to a certain degree anti-Catholic and/or Nordicist) views dominant in mainstream white American culture, Latin American manifestations of machismo represent "all that is wrong in a man".Their goal was to describe a particular Latin American brand of patriarchy.The English word "machismo" derives from the identical Spanish and Portuguese word. Machismo's attitudes and behaviours may be frowned upon or encouraged at various degrees in various societies or subcultures – albeit it is frequently associated with more patriarchial undertones, primarily in present views on the past.

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