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With the ridiculous travel schedules, (WWE employees can be on the road for up to 300 days a year), wrestlers won’t have much time to meet the love of their life by going to a bar, meeting through mutual friends, or even signing up on

The people wrestlers spend the most time with arefellow wrestlers, so it’s normal there would be manywrestling couples.

Sable had recentlydivorced Marc Mero and Lesnar had recently calledoff an engagement, making their timing impeccable.

They were engaged about a year after meeting, butwould not end up marrying until May of 2006. Edge and Beth Phoenix Adam “Edge” Copeland has had trouble inprevious marriages, as the burden of professionalwrestling usually proved to be too big.

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She left the company later but rejoined it in April 2016 as her husband's manager.Wrestlers understand eachother’s plight, that they have to sacrifice so muchtime to perfect their craft and that they have to livelife on the road.Gossip is a part of the wrestlingworld, so it’s time to play the role of Hollywoodtabloids.She had plans to start her own clothing and jewelry line named ' House of Maryse'. Maryse lives with her husband The Miz in his Los Angeles, California mansion. Looking at her facts and statistics, we now know that Maryse didn't just inherit her fame and net worth, but has worked very hard to gain the position that she has today.She also appeared in a reality show Total Divas on E! Besides, she has worked in many movies including ' Isle of the Dead', ' Karla', ' Delilah', and so on. She drives a super sexy Audi and lives a lavish life. She stands as an inspiration to a lot of ladies who are out there to make a career for themselves. For more information about your favorite celebrity tune into Frostsnow.

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