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In season 9 Ricky acquires a pet baby goat, which he names "Willy Goat"; Ricky also becomes a grandfather in season 9 when Trinity gives birth to a son, The Motel, of whom Jacob Collins is the father.Ricky struggles to accept this at first, but soon seems to realize that Jacob is similar to himself and gives Jacob his blessing to marry Trinity.Dancer, who struggled with Jim Lahey, after they agreed that they would kill someone to solve their problems. In result of the bullet entering his temporal lobe, he was sent into a coma.During this coma, in episode 10, a very drunk Jim Lahey visited Ricky.As a result, the grounds of the trailer park and the lake are littered with evidence of crimes.A lifetime of drinking, smoking dope, and slacking off has left Ricky with a below-average intelligence for which he is often ridiculed...." Ricky and Julian have been best friends since childhood and are almost codependent, with Ricky relying on his friend to guide him and keep his antics in check.While good-natured towards his friends and family, Ricky is also selfish, foul-mouthed, volatile, and aggressive, and almost always manages to anger, offend, and alienate those around him.

Like Ricky, Julian enjoys marijuana and alcoholic beverages, and he used to smoke cigarettes.

As in previous seasons, Ricky remains devoted to his family, including his new grandson, and to his pets despite his attempts to get them drunk and stoned.

In the ninth episode of season 10, Ricky is shot by Pvt.

Although he often appears intimidating to other characters, Julian is actually very compassionate and prefers to avoid confrontations, though he will not hesitate to fight back when things turn violent.

Julian has a muscular build and always wears a tight black T-shirt.

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