Otk dating

For a long time I've noticed my wife likes to read about spanking and at times she really gets off being spanked.One morning she slapped my *** and told me to get up she wanted to go to the swap meet.I find that when I am Disciplining I can view the bottom and watch for any damage beginning to occur. Goodhouse." The woman checked her book, nodded and told me to have a seat. I had rarely been spanked at home, and usually never got caught in trouble at school, so I made it through elementary school without...I have better control of the spankee when over my knees with my arm around their mid section. I entered the office and walked to the receptionist. Last week I lost a necklace, it was a gift to my sister in law (husband's sister) from her mother in law.However, when he does, it pays for all the naughty, bad, behavior I make sure I put him through. I spanked my neighbor when we were both young girls because she was picking my father's tomatoes. i recently saw some one's childhood memory of the first time they spanked a girl and it compelled me to make one myself.I was 10 at the time and my Step-cousin (no blood relation. We were playing down by the creek near in the woods far behind her... school, i developed a thing for putting girls in parochial school uniforms over my knee, pulling up their skirt, yanking down their ....... They were blood sisters, but i was just their foster sister.

My Ex-wife loved to be spanked she had paddles she liked me to use,and I bought a couple paddles that I liked.They had gone to a fairly nice entertainment bar with band and spent most of the night...Been married a long, long time now and, still, now and then I have to put her over my knee.I would come home from work and she would be asleep or on the computer and the house would be a mess.I would tell her to go to the room and wait for me, I would get one of...

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