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One girl who did get to know Woodward thought she was 'very cool' and likeable, to begin with. 'She insisted she didn't have a problem, that it was just 'recreational'.'But she would often just leave the room then return and behave manically.Sometimes she would start taking cocaine at 10am just to get her through the day.'A number of 'really unpleasant people' regularly came to see her at Christ Church, including one man who wore a gold chain around his neck and a dark hoodie.

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The charge: unlawful wounding ('when a person unlawfully and maliciously, either wounds another person or inflicts grievous bodily harm upon another person').

Others said they felt intimidated by unsavoury characters who visited Woodward at her rooms at Christ Church and were suspected of keeping her supplied with drugs.

Students we spoke to this week asked not to be identified because they were concerned for their safety if Woodward did resume her studies at Oxford — which, in itself, is revealing.

In Oxford, one 'revelation' has been greeted with incredulity: the suggestion that the offence which landed her in court was 'a one-off'.

Woodward may not have previous convictions for violence, but she has been involved in a string of disturbing incidents at university.

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