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Unfortunately, however, the action figure heroes on toy store shelves and male fitness models on magazine covers and ads suggest otherwise. Your mother, or other family member, may have done the same thing while your were growing up by making constant comments about her own weight (or yours) and enforcing lots of food restrictions on herself (or you).Family, Friends, and Romantic Partners In college, you may feel great pressure to be thin or super muscular in order to be accepted by your peers and attractive to potential romantic partners (especially in Los Angeles, one of the most weight, diet, and fitness-crazed cities in the world! If you’re living with a lot of other students (especially women) in a sorority/fraternity house or residence hall, the pressure may be even more intense. Early on, you may have gotten the message that you need to be thin in order to be accepted and loved by your parents. Your perception of how your body looks forms your body image.

Now before I continue, I just want to say that yes, I know I should have been there when this all went down, but unfortunately I was on the other side of the playground with my son’s friend who was crying.Dear stranger who disciplined my kiddo at the playground today, Woah woah woah, lemme get this straight. Does that give you the right to talk to him sternly and tell him to knock it off? Or doing anything that he shouldn’t be doing that’s bothering someone else.So today your daughter was trying to do the monkey bars? Does that give you the right to act like you are the person in charge when he is actually Ummmm, yes. I didn’t get the chance to say this today, but THANK YOU. Because even if you aren’t his parent, you are the adult. And yeah, I know there are probably a-holes out there who would be all pissy about some stranger getting mad at their kiddo, but not me. And these days our village might be a little bigger and more spread out and we don’t all sleep in side-by-side huts or ride in covered wagons or gather around the campfire at night and we don’t even all know each other, but we can either choose to have a village or not. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to do my job, so thank you for helping me do it.Currently, the average female model weighs 23% below her average weight. The average Playgirl centerfold man has shed about 12 lbs. Only about 5% of women have the genetic make up to achieve the ultra-long and thin model body type so pervasive in the media.Yet that is the only body type that women see and can compare themselves to.

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