Paul dano and zoe kazan still dating

Dano plays Calvin, a novelist who imagines and then writes about the girl of his dreams. You have other, deeper feelings, but that first frisson isn’t there in the same way."Making sure that first rush of love in a new relationship was apparent for Calvin and Ruby, she says, involved acting exercises for her and Dano."We did a lot of little tricks, like, we didn’t allow ourselves to touch each other on set.

Kazan, 28, wrote Ruby Sparks; she and Dano are a couple in real life, too, so in some ways there may be art imitating life around here.

You know, one thing is that Zoe continually surprises me, which is a great thing, so I’m not saying I expected her to write such a great script …

but at the same time I felt I was probably one of the only people who did know she could do that."Dano, an actor since childhood, says of Ruby Sparks, "One of the hardest things for me, as an actor, is that a lot of the time you’re not creating your own work.

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"It wasn’t until my grandpa got his honorary Oscar, and then there was a big brouhaha about that …I was very impressed," says the star of Little Miss Sunshine and There Will Be Blood."We weren’t totally 100% dating yet, and I remember having that impression and thinking, ‘Oh, s—, this girl can write.’ So, yes and no, I knew.The little things you do — leaning into a shoulder or putting out a hand — we didn’t let ourselves do that, so I think that built up a little longing between us, and I think that helped bring it up to the screen."Kazan is the daughter of two screenwriters (Nicholas Kazan and Robin Swicord) and the granddaughter of director Elia Kazan.She grew up, not surprisingly, very interested in storytelling and quite sure she’d be a writer when she grew up."Then when I went to high school, I auditioned for a school play and my life totally changed.

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