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In the series, Speed’s full name was Go Mifune, in homage to Japanese film star Toshiro Mifune. Fernandez was also responsible for a rearrangement of the theme song's melody, written and composed by Nobuyoshi Koshibe, and he subsequently also wrote its English lyrics.

The theme was performed, in the opening and closing titles, by Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass; however, Davis and the Nashville Brass were not credited on screen.

The central character in the anime and manga was a young race car driver named Gō Mifune (Mifune Gō).

The name of the series, Mach Go Go Go has a triple meaning: "Mahha-gō" is the name of the car; the name of the main character is Gō Mifune; and finally, it contains the English word, go.

In a 2008 interview with Chicago Tribune DVD columnist Louis R.

Carlozo, Fernandez recalled that he landed the job working on "Speed Racer" after ghost-writing scripts for Astro-Boy and Gigantor.

An English adaptation of this remake was produced by Di C titled Speed Racer X, which aired in 2002 on Nickelodeon.

Only the first 11 episodes were adapted due to licensing disputes between Di C and the Speed Racer Enterprise.

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A few years after the volumes were released, Yoshida decided to release his manga series as an anime program, adding additional plots.The manga spawned an anime adaptation which actually became a bigger success.In 1997, Tatsunoko produced a modernized version of Mach Go Go Go which aired on TV Tokyo, lasting for 34 episodes.The characters’ designs in Pilot Ace would set the main ground for the character design in Mach Go Go Go.Yoshida got his idea for the story after seeing two films that were very popular in Japan at the time, Viva Las Vegas and Goldfinger.

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