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For all Obstetrics scans, no special preparation is needed, although it is best to wear loose clothing that can easily be lifted or removed in order to expose your abdomen.You will lie on your back on an examination couch and the transducer moved back and forth across your stomach in order to gain the best possible image of the fetus.Since such scans are performed for non-diagnostic purposes, potential clients should ensure that the clinic has procedures in place to deal with any incidental findings, such as the finding of fetal abnormality, in a sensitive and professional manner, and that the ultrasound equipment is operated at settings which conform to the BMUS guidelines for non-diagnostic scanning.A balance must always be maintained between diagnostic benefit and risk to the patient.The nuchal translucency is a measurement of an area of fluid behind the baby’s neck.

If this does occur, the possible complications of or implications for the pregnancy will be fully discussed with the parents by a doctor or consultant and advice and guidance will be provided.Individual circumstances may dictate that more scans may be offered and a breakdown of what you could receive is detailed below.Early viability scan This usually takes place at 6 to 10 weeks of pregnancy.After 13 weeks gestation, the fetal age may be estimated by the diameter of the head and the length of the femur.Dating is more accurate when done early in the pregnancy.

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