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As of last year, Culkin, one of seven children (sister Dakota died in 2008 after being hit by a car), remained estranged from his father."We went through the hungry years, the struggling, and when we became successful I thought we'd just sit back, enjoy it and relax,'" Brentrup, who along with her husband had taken 15 percent of Macaulay's earnings as co-managers, told According to reports, Macaulay had about million in the bank at the time and he wanted permission to use million for school tuition, legal fees and to buy a new NYC apartment for his mom and siblings.He also successfully managed to bar his father from any access to his fortune.Macaulay Culkin and Paris Jackson didn't just start hanging out this week.But now everyone happens to be extra interested because Culkin cut his hair and he's holding his own against his model goddaughter in the camera-loves-me department.Not only does he understand the strangeness of growing up in the most glaring kind of spotlight, but he was close to her beloved father.And he was extremely loyal to Jackson, in life and in death., Jackson called him up and invited him to hang out at Neverland."Nothing happened" at the house, Culkin told King. Jackson liked having him around, he said, because "I talked to him like he was a normal human being...

It's a little bit depressing."In court documents, mom Patricia Brentrup accused Kit Culkin (they were together for 20 years but never married) of abandonment, "excessive drinking, physical abuse and unfaithful behavior."The filing also expressed concern that if Kit's antics got in the way of a movie Kieran Culkin was shooting at the time, "no one in Hollywood will want to work with our children again." Kit's lawyer argued that the man was a devoted father who had been a "prime force" in Macaulay's career.And that's for people because the 36-year-old actor/musician/curiosity has been in the public eye for so long, he's one of those celebrities you realize you've been rooting for, perhaps for most of your life.Culkin, meanwhile, has definitely been rooting for Paris for the entirety of "He was very childlike.Most of the time he spent there was before the age of 14, he said, after which he had moved away from L. Jackson was acquitted of all charges but the accusations and civil lawsuits would shadow him for the rest of his life.Only since his death in 2009 has the overarching conversation about his legacy been allowed to focus more on his music again.

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