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Some want to find a partner for life, some want to make new friends, and others simply want to boost their confidence.

At another event, in a Dublin city centre hotel earlier this year, 250 people were divided into two groups of men and women, with the women treated to fortune tellers, make-up artists, a masseuse and cocktails, while the men were entertained by a magician.

“You’ll always get narrow-minded people who think it’s sex, sex and more sex.

But that’s only a factor with a small few,” she says.

Some people have been returning to singles nights for more than five years, according to Hugh Redmond of Get

All the while, the number of people in their 20s attending everything from masked balls to Wicklow walks and dinner parties is increasing. Then there are the professionals aged 30 to 40 who have been through the dating regime and they’re disillusioned. “The 40-plus group are often single, separated, divorced or bereaved.

SOCIAL LIFE: Are you a single sommelier or a solicitor still searching?

Thirty men and 30 women are first divided into six groups of 10, and then move from restaurant to restaurant for different courses of fine cuisine in the company of single people.But after being coaxed into going on a Supper Safari, he embraced everything that followed. I’d go every second week if it was organised,” he says. Recently single, open-minded and sociable, the idea of a supper club aroused her interest. Kate, a garda, and Seán, a teacher, are both in their late 20s and met at an arranged event some months ago.She’s quick to add that she wasn’t on “some desperate man hunt . They don’t give their real names here, conscious of gossiping gardaí, parents or boards of management. “They don’t hold eye contact, they don’t show interest, so you’re left guessing as to whether they want to be chatted up or not.” After a chance sighting of an advert for a singles party on Facebook, what followed was like any other night out, except Sean knew the room contained “potential singles”. I think people just don’t know enough to make a judgment,” says Kate.They have the house, they have the dog, but they don’t have a partner. They are the forgotten generation.” But once a month, they are mixing and mingling, and meeting dozens of new people in organised nights out.THE SUCCESS STORY Laboratory supervisor Celine Robbins (55) and civil engineer David Galbraith (58) could be recruited as mascots for the entire online and novelty sector, such is their enthusiasm for the alternative outlet.

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