Russian cyber sec chat

In the face of the trash talk, Bitcoin’s price briefly shot above ,000, but has since fallen by about 0 (as it has many times before).North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un may have an impressive vocabulary (he recently called President Donald Trump a “dotard“), but his regime’s record of paying off parking tickets leaves much to be desired.Share today’s Data Sheet with a friend: The toymaker wasn’t recording or saving Dreamhouse owners’ voice commands — much less combining them into a system that could learn and evolve, otherwise known as natural language processing.

By looking into the past, Newitz gleaned human universals.“We’re still arguing over evolution; we still ride in trains and take photographs; we still have radical youth rebellions focused on free love, weird technology, and vegetarianism,” she says.Her vision of the future has differences, of course.The product, which costs 0, joins Nest’s indoor camera as another sentinel to keep watch over customers’ living quarters.Nest also introduced a connected doorbell that comes with a mini app-linked video camera. Microsoft is beefing up Windows 10 for businesses with tech that will automate certain tasks involved in recovering from security breaches.

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