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A Week in Paradise: day one What with sleeping, eating, smacking the video thingy and stopping over in Los Angeles to be shouted at by US customs men, hardly a moment to spare on 24-hour flight from Paris.

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He breaks off to hail folk we pass: ladies decked out with South Pacific smartness en route to church, young blokes idling along the track, older ones emerging from the greenery that engulfs their homes.Bora Bora is situated on a colorful coral reef, so water activities are the best way to experience the island.Try a glass-bottom boat tour, kayak or swim through the water to catch a glimpse of the (friendly! Scuba diving and snorkeling are also great ways to experience the stunning turquoise lagoons, and kite surfing is a popular excursion due to the perfect trade winds.Gay Destination makes every effort to keep the travel information up to date on this website, however, resorts, wedding packages and laws do change and so we cannot guarantee that all information regarding rules, regulations, and marriage requirements at particular sites are completely accurate at the time of viewing.Before making marriage decisions on a particular destination, we highly recommend you speak with your specialist or wedding coordinator to verify rules at a particular destination before finalizing your travel plans.

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