Specialized bike dating

The rider is given the choice between four electric assist modes.

In Turbo mode, the electric motor gives its full 250 watts of available assistance.

The cables for the rear derailleur and brakes are routed through the frame for a smooth appearance and snag-free operation.

As are the cables for the battery pack and e-assist system. Turbo electric assist system Take a close look at the Specialized Turbo and you'll see that the downtube -- that's the one that angles down from the front of the bike towards the pedals -- is significantly thicker than the other tubes that make up the frame.

At the front and rear ends, you'll find lightweight 700c wheels shod in low-rolling resistance tires that have an odd, smooth finish that makes them look a bit like naked inner-tubes to my eye.

The Morgan Hill, California-based company was founded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard — and since 2001 has been 49% owned by Taiwan-based Merida Bikes.

This is good for times when you can't bring the whole bike with you -- for example, the bike can stay in a secure bike room at the office while the battery charges at your desk.

Both charging options take about four hours to top off a completely drained battery.

On the 9th of December Fuji Bikes owner, Advanced Sports International of Philadelphia said that in fact, they are the legal owner of worldwide rights to the Roubaix trademark.

Fuji has had a Fuji Roubaix road bike model in its lineup since 1992, and has licensed the name to Specialized since 2003.

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