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To the north of the Rilska Planina the almost isolated mass of Vitosha (7517 ft.) overhangs Sofia.Snow and ice remain in the sheltered crevices of Rhodope and the Balkans throughout the summer.

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The elevated basins of Samakov (lowest altitude 3050 ft.), Trn (2525 ft.), Breznik (2460 ft.), Radomir (2065 ft.), Sofia (1640 ft.), and Kiustendil (1540 ft.), are a peculiar feature of the western highlands.

Geology.—The stratified formation presents a remarkable variety, almost all the systems being exemplified.

the mean interval being 60 m.; the summits are, as a rule, rounded, and the slopes gentle.

The culminating points are in the centre of the range: Yumrukchl (7835 ft.), Maragudk (7808 ft.), and Kadimla (7464 ft.).

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