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While the rhetoric of Russia-China entente remains couched in lofty words – “friends forever” (Vladimir Putin) – their strategic discourse is becoming nuanced lately.In an overview on President Vladimir Putin’s recent visit to Beijing, a leading voice in Chinese foreign policy debates, Shen Dingli, underscored that “China is a realistic country, and it is aware of the power of leverage…President Xi Jinping has described as a “major achievement of the Belt and Road Initiative” the 20-km Qamchiq Tunnel connecting Ferghana Valley with the rest of Uzbekistan (billed as the longest railway tunnel in Central Asia, piercing the formidable Qurana Mountains), which he inaugurated a week ago. He wrote, Lukyanov rationalized that the “pseudo-ideological confrontation” between Russia and the West created a contrived atmosphere of adversarial relationship, whereas, in reality, there was “no contradiction in ideas worth mentioning” as in the Cold War era.After all, what is the “additionality” Moscow could have brought into the Qamchiq Tunnel? Therefore, “a balanced development in both directions (between Russia and the West) is not only normal but also completely necessary.”Lukyanov summed up: Lukyanov is taken very seriously in Beijing – and that might alone probably explain the sharp commentaries in the Global Times.

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We want you to be informed because being a “minor” affects your right to information and services.They too see the dynamics of Russia-China summits as a reflection of big-power politics.From their viewpoint, while Moscow should continue to steer clear of the US-China rivalry, it cannot but take advantage of it, since the tension with Washington is “making the Chinese side more forthcoming to Russia’s needs and worries.”For example, it was only the stepped-up pressure on China by President Barack Obama during his Asian tour in 2014 that finally goaded Beijing to cave in to the Russian demand for much higher prices for the gas to be pumped into the 2,500-km Power of Siberia pipeline, in a mammoth 0 billion deal. To cap it, Beijing enjoys close ties with the leadership of Islam Karimov.Ambitious projects envisaging massive Chinese investment have stalled, and Moscow’s hopes of tapping China as alternative to western financial institutions have proved unrealistic insofar as Chinese companies and banks cannot but be wary of the likely negative impact on their business prospects in the western market.The Associated Press reported that at a recent Russia-China forum held in Moscow, while officials extolled “unprecedented” closeness in the relationship, businessmen and experts were reserved.

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