The server quit without updating pid Adult freaky chatroom

If you have modified your My SQL configuration file, My SQL may not like it few versions after (My SQL is not backward compatibility friendly).

It can be the problem of using an unsupported variable, or something similar.

/etc/pki/tls//home/monty/./opt/rightscale/sandbox//root/./usr/share/doc/My SQL-server-5.6.10//usr/share/mysql//var/lib/mysql/In Cent OS you need to copy /usr/share/doc/My SQL-server-5.6.10/to /etc/and you have to make changes in as per your server configuration,after every changes in to get reflect you need to restart you mysql server.Thank you After you stop My SQL run this command ps aux | grep mysql Do you see any mysql/mysqld processes still running?Give them half a minute and if they are still running, the last resort is to kill them with killall -9 mysql killall -9 mysqld Delete any *files from /var/lib/mysql Restart the My SQL service normally and run the following command to check/repair all databases mysqlcheck --all-databases --auto-repair I'd suggest tailing the My SQL error log in /var/lib/mysql/- it will give you the precise reasons for why it's failing to start up.Answers that don't include explanations may be removed.For conventional installations, without brew, like mine, the solutions above doesn't worked.

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