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(If you park in a residential spot you get towed.) Lincoln Road is an outdoor mall in Miami Beach that has a farmers market on Saturday mornings as well as lots of food, shops and galleries to check out.

Sunset Tavern (7232 Southwest 59th Avenue) on Thursday nights is a staple lesbian watering hole. The bar has dancing inside and a huge patio out front and is connected to Deli Lane, a restaurant owned by a couple of very LGBT supportive people.Sushi Cafe (7917 NW 2nd Street) is near Mall of the Americas. They have a bim bim bop that is so, SO good and a bunch of korean beer and wine.For a more comprehensive guide to finding vege-restaurants check out this website.As far as dress code is concerned, they’re pretty chic but I’ve worn my Converses to all these places.As a lady gay who wards off all kinds of meat (you know, like actual meat), it’s my duty to tell you where you can find delicious meatless dishes.

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