Updating gpo

For example, you might want to allow users to only install specific applications.Or, you might want to specify how often Google Update checks for browser updates.Is update mean "merging" previous and a new one or it is just replacement? how can I check the version of existing admx vs a new one that I want to bring into the picture?

Found couple of good articles related to config and use of it. I found the KB containing needed setting (should be latest available) (https:// This page provides the Group Policy Administrative Template files for Internet Explorer3.

And, you can’t update applications that don’t have the manual update feature.

To prevent updates for a specific application, you should instead use the Update policy override Applications policy for that application.

In this blog we will go through the process of updating the group policy central store to the latest version of the .admx/files.

I see organizations all the time that don’t have the latest updated GPO files. Click download and download the MSI file to your PC 3. navigate to the extracted path If you have customized ADMX files in the policy definitions folder you will need to save get these out of the backup you created…

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