Updating usb drivers for samsung mobile devices and pc studio

The If you saw a dialog box similar to the following (after you attached your Android device to your Windows workstation) indicating that USB drivers have been successfully installed for your Android device, you yet have the ADB USB debug driver installed for your Android device!

Watch from ~ thru the 10 minute mark of the video to see the driver installation process.

If you are using a Microsoft* Windows* development system and are having trouble making your Android* USB debug connection work, you may need to install the Android Debug Bridge USB driver onto your Windows machine, and then connect that driver to your Android device.

For each new Android device that you attach to your Windows machine you will need to repeat the steps described on this page, starting with the section titled ).

Q: "The software could not find my Android connected. " A: Please ensure that you have a device connected, and the device has USB debugging enabled.

For detail, please check the tutorial on how to enable USB debugging on Android.

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