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Following its initial festival run, however, the film fell into distribution limbo, a lull that lasted two years.

That lull has come to a close and, despite the protests, online petitions, and usual array of hate, Green Inferno was released last weekend to American audiences.

Alice’s death is shocking for any viewer who may have expected (and hoped) she would reprise her role as plucky survivor: it approximates the devastating murder of Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) halfway through (2005) back at home, still suffering nightmares after his traumatic experience at the distinctly inhospitable Slovakian hostel.

Although both his friends were killed, Paxton (Jay Hernandez) managed to escape—killing, along the way, the man who mutilated and killed his friend.

Tag in a subplot pitting her against our lead, Justine, and it just came off as sexist male fantasy.To its credit, the choice keeps us guessing and keeps things unpredictable, but the fact that it serves to distance us from the islanders at all times completely undermines their humanity. I know what Roth wanted to say (which is ostensibly the same thing that Ruggero Deodato wanted to say) but he can’t get there, he gets in his own way too much.Yeah, it’s hard to sustain a social critique, or even just a good horror movie, when there’s so little follow-through. At best, there are few films that really get the community excited and talking.Last year we saw this with films like The Babadook and A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, and earlier this year It Follows became a real hope for the genre.

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