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He started uploading videos to his channel in 2008, initially posting Let's Plays and Machinima videos. He has a dog named Ein who frequently appears on his Instagram.

Several of the thumbnails for his You Tube videos feature a stretched image of Kenan Thompson. On May 19th, 2015, he appeared in a video with Pew Die Pie.

However, the night doesn't seem so calm as they thought it would. The world of the Paranormal soon makes its presence known.

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They do find a way out, going to a nearby run down hotel like building, booking rooms there for the night.Not long after, he began doing a solo playthrough of Dead Rising 2, which turned into a multiplayer walkthrough featuring Sp00n.He also began making multiplayer videos with other Machinima makers and commentators, some also known as the Creatures, and soon became an official Creature himself, and he became a regular guest on Creature Talk.I used google translate for this.) Hybrid AU in which /all/ the Creatures (minus Joe, Artist Joe & Spencer... This a terribly written fanfiction where everyone goes and meet each other through working in the office together. (The ships that are ABSOLUTELY be in here are jeamus, immortalfox, zeroyalvikingism and maybe kootramexican and SCMAnex.Read the first prologue for more info.) Life on the streets wasn't what he had in mind, but it was a life nonetheless.

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