Women who are accommodating and self conscious

All groups led by Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor (CPCS) located in Smyrna Georgia just outside of Atlanta.

Topics of interest are specific to cohort and include exploration of treatment modalities, counselor identity ...""2-hour supervision group available twice monthly on Saturdays.

""This group helps participants work through challenges in their marriage together with others who are facing similar struggles.

""2-hour supervision group available twice monthly on Saturdays.

The ideal participant will be somewhat resistant to attending a group, yet some part of them is willing because ...""Circus Arts Therapy is a unique play therapy tool focusing on circus activities.

The group will be interactive in nature, as ...""This 1 hour support group will provide a confidential and safe space for clients to share their experiences and struggles with self-care and self-esteem. Free to be vulnerable and express ...""An elderly couple wakes up in the morning and one says to the other, "I'm dead." The second scoffs, "How can you be dead?Our program provides a safe, cooperative environment where participants learn fun and unique circus skills and experience "Therapy in Action." Our therapy programs are taught by a ...""Growth and Guidance Grief and Loss groups are formed to help those struggling with unresolved grief issues and recovery from grief.When we struggle with unresolved grief it can have a lifelong negative effect on our capacity for happiness.""This group is intended for partners of sex addicts to work through the issues posed by the discovery of the addiction.""I am looking to start a group for general teen issues.

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