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The apparently undelivered notes, dated about two weeks before the incident, were found only after Romando took his own life and those of his mother, Beth Walton, and his two younger siblings, 16-year-old Lily Romando and 14-year-old Andrew Romando.

A third note, Schroeder says he was told, was dated the day of the massacre and was more ominously addressed only to his father, Peter Romando, who did not live at the house and who was physically unharmed.

where did a 19 year old purchase/acquire 2 guns in your precious little hick town, is the big question. It is not against the law for a 19 year old to own and possess firearms.

He simply could not purchase a handgun from a federally licensed dealer until he's 21 years of age.

In one video, Schroeder offers his opinion on the best way to die– a bullet to the back of the head– and his frustration with the world's booming population. People..." Schroeder tells the camera in another video.

"If I could just push a button and eliminate 50 percent of the people, I would." Schroeder says he and Romando shared the same video chatrooms with other participants for "more than dozens of hours" over the nine months or so that Romando remained active."He never showed any signs of mental distress, never talked about depression or anything out of the normal," says Schroeder.

Schroeder also says he doubts Romando took Satanism seriously."I don't really think he had an interest," says Schroeder, offering words that seem to support Romando's friends' claims, that the former Charlottesville Catholic School student and Church of the Incarnation congregant must have participated in a satanic website primarily as a curiosity."I think he watched a couple of my videos and wanted to come and chill and hang out," says Schroeder, expressing frustration that Satanism is easily misunderstood."It's atheistic," says Schroeder, who contends that Satanists don't actually believe in the devil– or in gods. So is this article about gun control, satanism, or about the ongoing investigation into the Romando murder-suicide? And I would have to say that I can't really believe the friends who think that this was just a passing curiosity.

"We believe in indulgence, self-preservation, and individuality," says Schroeder, noting that Satanism "doesn't promote violence or hatred." That's a position echoed by the high priestess of the Church of Satan, which continues to promote the teachings of the late founder, Anton Szander La Vey "We don't condone unwarranted violence," says Magistra Peggy Nadramia, pointing a reporter to an essay on satanic honor and integrity posted on the organization's website. If you are curious, you visit a site a couple of times, you don't go back to it repeatedly for close to a year.

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He had friends at SIN as well (in case the idiots and trolls were somehow clueless to that).If state rules on gun sales are clear for licensed dealers, who must check IDs and run a criminal background check on any would-be purchaser, Leval says an easy– and legal– way exists to buy a handgun.All that's required is a willing seller and a buyer who's at least 18 and not a felon.Thanks to The Hook for allowing Zach to have some commentary in this article. It shall be unlawful for any person under 18 years of age to knowingly and intentionally possess or transport a handgun or assault firearm anywhere in the Commonwealth. Any person (i) while in his home or on his property; (ii) while in the home or on the property of his parent, grandparent, or legal guardian; or (iii) while on the property of another who has provided prior permission, and with the prior permission of his parent or legal guardian if the person has the landowner's written permission on his person while on such property; Let's see... Just to address an inaccurate portrayal of Satanism, the majority of Satanists worship Satan as a literal entity, it just happens that those that are atheistically inclined hang out in SIN.I know how easy it could be to continue with a sensationalist angle. according to Zach, satanists are "not nice" and he wants to kill 50% of humans... Chicken Taco, if you keep up with all the off-the-wall conspiracy theories circulating out here about Obama, he's planning on doing the same thing.

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