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[Read: Why men love girls kissing] Lustful men The average man sees five women a day with whom he would like to sleep with. ] Friends are important 40% of women would consider dumping a boyfriend if her friends didn’t like him.One hour The time it takes for a woman to determine whether or not she wants to date a man again. ] 15 minutes The time it takes for a man to determine whether or not he wants to date a woman again.[Read: What guys always notice on a date] [Read: What girls always notice on a date] Got any more fun relationship facts that you know?

[Read: Best place to go on a first date] Goodbye kisses Studies indicate that a man who kisses his wife goodbye when he leaves for work averages a higher income than the guy who doesn’t do that.

Husbands who show affection are said to be more stable and methodical, and thus, end up receiving bigger pay checks.

French connection What is known as a French Kiss in the English speaking world is called an English Kiss in France.

Fact #7: According to author Amber Madison, 95% of men say that they want to get married someday.

Fact #8: “Psychologists at the University of Pennsylvania studied data from over 10,000 speed daters and found that most people make a decision regarding a person’s attraction within the first three seconds of meeting,” says licensed psychologist Rachel Needle, Psy. Fact #9: In an article published by , pediatrician and author Howard Bennett says that the butterflies you feel in your stomach when you encounter the person you love or lust after is the body’s stress response, and it’s caused by the release of adrenalin.

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