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I conformed to society's paradigm, and I was rewarded. Everything I did was a diversion from thinking about myself.

Finally, last summer, my subconsciousness felt comfortable enough to be able to connect myself with who I really am, and I began to understand what it is to be gay.

"Teens are starting to throw their weight around," says Quirk, the leader of the AOL forum.

One of the best examples of teen organizing in the last year was teens working with the Massachussets legislature to pass a law requiring gay and lesbian education in the high schools.Kali is an 18-year-old lesbian at a university in Colorado. Growing up in California, Kali was the leader of a young women's chapter of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.She was also the "Girl Saved by E-mail," whose story ran last spring on CNN.And the messages that stream back into John's box are mostly from kids his own age, many marooned far from urban centers for gay and lesbian youth.Such is Christopher Rempel, a witty, soft-spoken Ace of Base fan from (as he puts it) "redneck farmer hell." Christopher borrowed the principal's modem to jack into a beekeepers BBS and gopher his way to the Queer Resources Directory, a multimeg collection of text files, news items, and services listings. I came to terms that I was gay last summer and, aside from some depression, I'm OK. I would like to write to someone that I can talk to about issues I can't talk about with my friends.

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