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But as Hailey's fortunes were transformed, so was its perception of Bruce Willis.

From being a guy who just happened to be generous with his money, he had turned into a business tycoon.

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Yet the trappings of celebrity proved harder to shake off than Willis and Moore might have anticipated.

Instead of blending into the landscape - the great fantasy that has lured celebrities to Idaho's Sun Valley area for the past half-century - the glamorous couple found it hard to resist the temptation to put their own stamp on their surroundings.

The crumbling Liberty cinema was tarted up in lavish Art Deco-style and given plush seating and a sound system to match the best Hollywood screening facilities.

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When Bruce Willis first settled in Hailey, Idaho, he created a one-man local boom. But, reports Andrew Gumbel, the local megastar still casts a large shadow over the little town WHEN BRUCE WILLIS first moved to Idaho in 1988, he said that he wanted a home where he could get away from it all.

He didn't want to be the action hero of Die Hard 365 days a year; he and his wife, Demi Moore, had a growing family to protect from the Hollywood craziness, and the mountains of rural Idaho seemed the perfect place in which to be "just regular people".

Planet Hollywood slid inexorably downhill, the victim of over-rapid expansion and an inability to cover the shortcomings of indifferent catering with a glitzy showbiz come-on.

Then, in May last year, Willis abruptly closed down Shorty's and the Mint and fired everyone who worked there. He withdrew all further investment from Hailey, leaving two buildings empty on Main Street and plans for a children's recreation centre and swimming park unrealised.

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