Webcam jerking roulette

I can see that one way to do this is point the camera at the pic, but it seems more like these people are "spoofing" the website to think the image is a live feed from a this done? Mostly from the Mediterranean and Middle East, by the looks of it.- At least three different empty conference room tables.

I've been chatting to people in Japan, Germany, Norway, France and Australia. I've never used it, but now I kinda want to, but then I'm like, "I'm not interesting, I'm not good at just having random conversations about whatever with strangers, and have no interesting gimmick I can use like improv piano singing, or dressing up as Cobra Commander." Edit: Also, it seems some people just use a static image instead of their webcam...

The laptop I'm using has one built in, I'm a decent-looking dude and I'm not all that shy when it comes to other things.

But the idea of getting on a webcam on this site sortof puts knots in my stomach.

No trolls or flailing sausage so far, which is nice. I don't have time to search for it now but the Daily Show's segment on this is freaking hilarious. There are a few, but it's not like it's 80% dicks, or anything like that.

According to the vid I just watched it was 14% masturbators out of a sample of 90 people.

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