Windows live one care not updating

) and I will be advised if Windows finds a solution!

Feeling fed up I contacted the firm from whom I purchased the Preium Tools and they have immediately agreed to refund the cost.

Not that anyone thought it particularly likely, but there was a thread of a thought that perhaps Microsoft would do something dramatic to save the deeply unpopular OS, such as perhaps retrofit it with some version of Windows 10 and all of those Universal Apps.

Perhaps, the theory went, that's why no one in the company would spill the beans.

It's really just the Start Menu, which is new to the OS and can be found on the Desktop environment.

It's a very nice adjustment, but it's fundamentally just a UI change, and nothing more.

Despite paying a small extra fee for Premium Tools every time I click on one of the features I get an error message telling me that Vaio Care is not working (!

We will harden the system to eliminate lots of attack surface and impede attackers.

Vulnerable services and unnecessary networking protocols will be disabled.

As one would expect, the new Start Menu has a header on the top with your name (and the power button), a pinned list of apps to which you want easy access directly beneath that, a list of Most Frequently Used (MFU) apps that are otherwise unpinned, a button to show all apps, a search box below that, and an app grid to the right of those that show "both immersive and Win32 apps" that "can be pinned, unpinned and resized in this area." You have to enable the Start Menu by right-clicking the Taskbar, selecting Properties, and selecting the Start Menu tab.

Check the box that says, "Use the Start menu instead of the Start screen." Click OK.

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