Wpf listview selecteditem not updating

I narrowed the problem down and found out that the event was raised as expected but the , which is updating correctly instead. Furthermore the selected item is highlighted correctly.So does WPF use another property to determine which item to highlight? First List Box is aggregation of Mart Branches, Second List Box is aggregation of goods as fruit, meat, vegetable ans so on that a Mart sells. (apple, peach, peer, melon...) 4th List Box is aggregation of a kind of selected fruit, for example, if Apple is selected, cortland, crabapple, sansa, gala and so on. After fire Selection Changed, I catch Added Items of Selelction Changed Event Args. WPF automatically hooks up to the Collection Changed event of Observable Collection, but it does not know that you have changed the reference in the code behind.

Here is my View code Now Selected Item for Items list works fine.This is a little more simple and it keeps updating tidy and manageable inside of the models own class. I believe you will need to add an even to handle the selection changed to your code.Here is a possible code example: This might seem tedious at first, but it has helped me minimize and manage updates and bugs in Items Source quite nicely. It seems you are binding to the app selected on loading, and not to the app clicked on in List View. V_PWT_APP_ALL selected App, create a method to handle Selection changed in your C# code and place Raise Property Changed(() =Thehe IObserver/IObservable pattern was created for push based commands.Furthermore: When I want to "Veto" a Selected Item Change (because data is not saved), the List View highlights the new selected item instead of the Selected Item-Property of the View Model.I am working on a WPF application and following MVVM.

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